How to Install Photoshop Brushes


If you want to know how to install brushes into Photoshop then you have come to the right place. Brushes allow you to add wonderful depth and flow to your artwork, but none of that is any use if you can't install them. If you already have the brushes in a .zip file on your computer skip to step

Installation Steps

1 - Search for brushes. There are hundreds of sites on our website you can download for free!

2 - Download the brushes. If the brushes are in a zip file download them where you can easily find them and extract them by using the same method as described next. If the brushes are in an ".abr" file format you can download them straight into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop (your version eg )\Presets\Brushes or a custom made folder.

3 - Go into Photoshop, select the brush tool and click the downward facing arrow at the top of the window next to the preview of the brush you are using.

4 - Click the little arrow facing right at the top right hand corner of the drop-down box, select "Load Brushes..." and then select the brush(es) you wish to use.